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360 Services offers a wide range of access controls, card readers, controllers, modules and integrated software providing bespoke solutions for commercial customers both large and small.

Installing door access control systems will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in.

Key-based systems will deliver this, but you have the extra cost of cutting keys and people potentially having to be supplied with a multitude of keys.

Access control systems give you control over which doors residents or staff can have access to, allowing lost fobs or cards to be replaced quickly and cheaply. Clients also have the ability to restrict access to former employees and residents in seconds.

We are able to design and install Systems for single sites or to function across multiple site security systems.

All quotes are provided free of charge with leasing options available for larger projects.

Benefits of Access Control Systems:

Installing door access control systems is a proactive measure to enhance the security of your buildings. Unlike traditional key-based systems, access control systems offer a more sophisticated and cost-effective approach to regulating entry and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access

1. Enhanced Security:

Access control systems provide a robust layer of security by allowing you to control and monitor who enters your premises. This ensures that only the right people have access, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for your business.

2. Cost Efficiency:

While key-based systems may deliver security, they come with the added cost of cutting keys and the logistical challenge of supplying individuals with multiple keys. Access control systems eliminate these issues, allowing for quick and inexpensive replacement of lost fobs or cards.

3. Access Control Flexibility:

One of the key advantages of access control systems is the flexibility they offer. You have control over which doors residents or staff can access, and the ability to promptly replace lost fobs or cards. Moreover, clients can instantly restrict access for former employees or residents, enhancing overall control and security management.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business:

At 360 Services, we understand that each business is unique, and security needs can vary. Whether you operate a single site or manage multiple locations, our team is equipped to design and install access control systems that align with your specific requirements. Our expertise extends to creating seamless systems that function across multiple sites, providing a unified and centralized approach to security management.

Free Quotes and Leasing Options:

We are committed to transparency and flexibility in our services. All quotes for our access control systems are provided free of charge, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your specific needs and budget. For larger projects, we offer leasing options to further accommodate your financial considerations.

Why Choose 360 Services for Access Control:

Expertise: Our engineers are highly qualified and possess the expertise to design and install sophisticated access control systems tailored to your business.

Flexibility: We understand that businesses evolve, and our systems are designed to adapt. Whether your business expands or changes its operational structure, our access control solutions remain flexible to meet your evolving needs.

Comprehensive Solutions: From card readers and controllers to integrated software, we offer a comprehensive suite of access control components that can be customized for your specific requirements.


Q. What is an Access Control System?
A. These are security systems that our clients can use to facilitate and authorise access to different areas of their premises. Typically involving swipe cards, fobs and biometric technology.

Q. Do you cover the whole of the UK for Access Control Services?
A. 360 Services currently only provides Access Control installation & maintenance services in Greater London, Kent and Oxford.

360 Services is your trusted partner for cutting-edge access control solutions that prioritise security, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, our tailored access control systems ensure that your premises are secure, and access is managed with precision.

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