Remotely Monitored CCTV

Protect your business premises and get peace of mind with remote monitored CCTV. 

At 360 Services, we are a specialist provider of a unique remote CCTV monitoring system as part of security services.

This means your building is monitored and kept safe, even when nobody is on the premises. You’ll be alerted to the presence of intruders without having to spend money on a having a manned security office at alltimes. 

Most businesses need security to protect their equipment and data. Whether you have specialist, valuable equipment on site, or just need to keep equipment like laptops secure, then CCTV can help. For the modern business, there is also a concern of an intruder breaking in and gaining access to sensitive information or customer data. As with equipment security, CCTV can offer peace of mind here. 

By monitoring remotely, you can relax in the knowledge that your business premises are protected at all times, and not worry about somebody slipping past a security guard to gain access to your building. We have systems installed all over the UK with many happy customers, and can offer options for occupied premises, as well as vacant properties, open spaces, building sites or demolition sites. 

We supply and professionally install the appropriate CCTV installation for your specific on site requirements.

To find out more about our security services, including our Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems, get in touch on 01322 277 051 or to discuss how we can best secure and protect your business, offering you security and peace of mind with our specialist security options. 

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