Keeping Our Staff Safe

As the coronavirus continues to cause havoc across the UK, it is more important than ever for businesses to do their part and flatten their curve while key companies continue to provide essential services. 

Multiple reports suggest that the homeless are far more vulnerable to COVID-19 than many other individuals due to their difficulty self isolating. At 360 Services, we do provide an essential service to help the homeless in this time of great need. As such, some of our staff will need to be present at homeless shelters around the UK. 

This will be vital to ensure that vulnerable homeless individuals continue to gain the right level of protection and support that they require. 

The safety and welfare of our staff is always a top priority at 360-Services and we are fully aware of the threat this strain of the coronavirus could be to our workers. This is why we have provided all our staff still working at homeless shelters around the UK with unlimited, free hand sanitizers. 

Research shows that the main way the virus spreads is through both touch and contamination of the hands. By providing unlimited access to hand sanitizers we are delivering our staff one of the best forms of defense against this threat. 

We are confident that this will allow our staff to remain safe while still continuing to help those in need and ensure that homeless charities across the UK gain the right level of support. At 360-Services we are committed to protecting our team while ensuring that those on the streets and in shelters are not abandoned. 

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