Contributing to 10 years of Success – Secuna Indjainancassa

As part of the celebration of 10 Years of trading, 360 Services are highlighting every month the staff members and clients who have or are still contributing to our success and continued growth.

This month we focus on Secuna Indjainancassa and acknowledge his exceptional work at St Mungos Pownall Gardens – A long-term accommodation for single people who have experienced homelessness in West London. 

Secuna joined 360 Services in July 2020 and since that time has completed over 1,000 shifts for 360 Services, over 800 of those at Pownall Gardens. In this time, thanks to the management team at St Mungo’s and Secuna’s dedicated leadership in the provision of overnight cover for the project.  Pownall Gardens has undergone a complete transformation, which all parties involved, and the wider community can be proud of.

Secuna’s contribution to the success of the project has not gone unnoticed. Throughout his time at Pownall Gardens, he built an excellent rapport with the residents, inspiring many of them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  His promotion of a healthy lifestyle led to the construction of an outdoor gym area that was free for the residents to use. As a result, we saw a significant improvement in residents’ behaviour.

March 2024 Ssecuna thumbs up
March 2024 Ssecuna and resident

When St Mugos took over responsibility for the delivery the project in April 2019, 360 Services were immediately appointed to provide lone working Night Concierges to safeguard the residents and reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour on site.

Kuwayne Cain our Managing Director recalls, “In the first few months of delivering overnight supervision of the project, we identified high numbers of discarded needles in the grounds of the project.  A garden shed where local drug users and dealers (not directly associated with the project) would gather at night to distribute and use illegal substances.  Unauthorised visitors regularly being allowed into the project or trying to force their way into the project.

There was a suspicion that “cuckooing” was happening at the property and those undertaking anti-social activities were trying to intimidate staff to stop them from disrupting their activities.”

St Mungos made great efforts to clean up the environment of the project.  A garden that residents and staff were wary of entering, due to the high number of needles and trespassers was transformed into a place where residents could relax, and trespassers found it difficult to enter.

Residents were encouraged to follow the rules and those unwilling to adopt to the new culture of the project were found alternative accommodation.  Attempts to intimidate night staff reduced and Pownall Gardens has evolved into a project where anti-social behaviour is no longer an issue.

Sarah Jane-Malone, St Mungo’s Service Director for all Hounslow sites, said,

“Secuna was an absolute star in his time at Pownall. He supported the residents in the absence of staff, listened to what they had to say, and arranged activities for the clients of the evening. The feedback I got from staff was always positive, and they felt the building was in safe hands when Secuna was on duty. Incidents happened, but he always managed them well and did whatever he could to address the situation.”

The success of the work conducted by St Mungo’s and 360 Services overnight safeguarding team, meant that towards the end of 2023, when budgets were being reviewed it was decided that Pownall Gardens residents no longer required overnight support.  In December 2023, Secuna was transferred to a project called Pound Lane to take over leading the overnight safeguarding for a North West London project that is delivered as a partnership between St Mungo’s and Look Ahead.  The project has over 80 residents and 2 buildings – so, therefore, presents its own unique challenges to Night Concierge.  However, with Secuna now leading the supervision we are confident that our night team can deliver the outcomes that the project is looking for.

Formerly known as 365 Security, 360 Services has been trading since in July 2014.  Whilst providing both security and support staff for a variety of settings, we specialise in delivery services to Homeless Hostels & the Supported Accommodation sector across the whole of England & Wales.  Throughout, the year of our 10th anniversary we aim to celebrate our staff, highlight the various issues facing the homeless throughout the UK and encourage both our staff and the general public to support local charities with their efforts to reduce the impact of homelessness.  For more information visit


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