As part of our celebration of 10 Years of trading, 360 Services are highlighting the staff members and clients who have or who are still contributing to our success and continued growth.

Angela Campbell has been carrying out shifts for 360 Services since March 2020 and has worked over 700 shifts at Female Only hostels! Oladuni Odepidan started in April 2022 and since then has carried out nearly 300 shifts, and Olga Kreminska was employed in July 2019 and has carried out an amazing 800 shifts at various homeless hostel sites.

These 3 ladies have formed a formidable working relationship and are the core team for delivering our services on behalf of Housing for Women at their female only project in North London.

Housing for Women is a housing provider and charity with a mission to empower women and challenge inequality. They support women through affordable housing, helping women and children escaping domestic abuse, survivors of trafficking and women leaving prison. They have a long and proud history of providing supported and specialist services across London.

Angela had this to say about providing support on behalf of Housing for Women clients during both day and night shifts:

“I have to have good judgement in making quick on the spot decisions. There can be lots of different challenges dealing with clients with different issues, but experience and training has helped me to learn how best to support them, whilst ensuring their safeguarding and health and safety.

Keeping clients, staff and visitors safe as well as myself when I do my checks and patrols, are of extreme importance whilst all good practices are followed. I am always very professional when carrying out my duties by following all policies and procedures, regulations, guidelines and following all instructions from the Housing  or Women staff.

I would say that I am very honest, direct, personally blunt and straight to the point, however, and most importantly, I am approachable and able to show understanding and empathy along the way.

Keeping both ears open to listen to all the clients with full communication, written and verbally, helps me to do the job to the best of my ability. I understand my job role fully but if I have any questions or concerns, I bring up with the team immediately. I have never been late in all the time I’ve worked at High Cross.

I am committed to doing my work in the best way that I can. I enjoy supporting the staff and clients. I am responsible and respectful across the board and it’s satisfying working within a trusted team at Housing for Women and 360 Services, who have both shown me that they value me, and my performance at work.”

All 3 ladies have shown a level of commitment that is valued by both 360 Services and the client. They work collaboratively with the Operations Team and the client to ensure that all shifts are carried out, communicating promptly and efficiently where and when needed. Continuity of staff and building solid trusting relationships with the clients under our care, is an important part of the services provided by 360.

Ayesha Johar, the Service Manager for the North London site said that the team provided ‘are working really well with us, the women trust them, and they are approachable and work well with the team of staff there’.

Formerly known as 365 Security, 360 Services has been trading since July 2014.  Whilst providing both security and support staff for a variety of settings, we specialise in delivering services to Homeless Hostels & the Supported Accommodation sector across the whole of England & Wales.

Throughout this year of our 10th anniversary, we aim to celebrate our staff, highlighting the various issues facing the homeless throughout the UK and encourage both our staff and the public to support local charities with their efforts to reduce the impact of homelessness.  For more information visit or

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