Our experience on the other side of the rope

360 Services has now provided security and stewarding services for one of the largest floats at
the Notting Hill Carnival – Elimu Mas, since 2018. This year, across the 2 days we provided close to 100 security officers and stewards, to ensure that everyone enjoyed their carnival experience. As the years go by, we learn more about the best ways to get organised, prepared, and ready for the two busy days.

The preparation starts months in advance when we start selecting the employees who we think are the right fit for this event. We carefully select the employees based on their performance, reliability, and skills. As a business, we work against the “one size fits all” philosophy, and so for each of our customers, we aim to pick and choose what is right for them. For example, on Children’s day, the emphasis is on friendly security with good communication skills.

Providing security for such a big and high-profile event is always a learning experience for us as a team. We understand that preparation is vital for an event like this, so we make sure that we are set up for success by having a detailed plan in place with contingencies for an emergency or a major incident. Not only is it our goal to keep the float secure, but to also make sure the band staff, the public, and our team are safe. This year there were no significant incidents except a few members of the public enjoying their drink a bit too much.

The days start off with a very detailed briefing, and every staff member is made aware of their position and responsibility around the float, whilst management and the response team keep their eyes and ears out for any potential problems. We go over the plans set out with the client, ensure we have the rope ready, and that all our safety measures are in place.

Whilst both the float and the public are enjoying the party, our security and stewards team enjoy the atmosphere from the other side of the rope.


360 Services provides Event Security as well as security for most Commercial and Office Buildings.  If you would like more information about joining our team or about the range of services that we offer our clients.  Please email ops@360-services.co.uk or call 01322 277 051.

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