Vetting is an essential part of recruiting staff to work in both Security Guard roles and Support Staff for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.  360 Services prides itself on meeting and exceeding the requirements of BS 7858 for vetting and pre-employment screening by carrying out rigorous background checks on all recruits to our business.  On the rare occasions where we use subcontractors, we also conduct the vetting on their behalf in order to ensure that our standards are being maintained.

BS7858 is the code of practice published by the British Standards Institute that gives recommendations for the screening of individuals in a secure environment where the safety of people, goods and services, data, and property is required or where such screening is to be considered to be in the public interest. Carrying out pre-employment screening can help ensure the safety of members of the public, people within our care as well as other workers. It can also help to show a level of competence showing that an individual can carry out a job with trust.

Verification of employees’ Identification Documents is required and thoroughly checked. Right-to-work checks are carried out and all copies of documents are stored safely and securely electronically for a period of 10 years. 360 Services uses the world’s most used provider of online credit reports to carry out these checks quickly and efficiently. A global watchlist check is also carried out, which cross referencing the potential employee name against various sanctions, watchlists and fraud databases including the HM Treasury’s consolidated list of financial sanctions targets in the UK.  

Previous employers are contacted for references and verification of employment for the previous 5 years of work history. Any gaps in employment are investigated thoroughly and unless sufficient evidence can be provided to explain gaps over 30 days, the applicant would fail the vetting process. Evidence of gaps can come in many different forms including the use of Social Media checks, bank statement,s and records provided by Government departments. 

All of our staff that work in a setting where Safeguarding is the primary concern (for roles such as Night Concierge, Support Worker or Project Worker) are required to have an Enhanced DBS check carried out with the Adults and Children’s barred list being checked as part of the criminal records screening. The Government now recommends that employers work with Digital Identity Verification (DIV) providers for DBS checks, 360 Services uses a leading provider for such remote background checks. Should any concerns or alerts be raised on the check then a full risk assessment is carried out to ensure that safeguarding needs are not put at risk. All certificates are checked every three months on the Update Service website which all employees are required to register with. Whilst the Enhanced DBS lasts for 3 years, to add an extra layer of comfort to our Clients we require all staff to obtain a new Enhanced DBS on an annual basis.

Staff working in a purely security role where safeguarding vulnerable adults is not the priority are required to hold a current SIA licence and regular monthly checks are carried out to ensure they remain current.

All aspects of our vetting process are managed internally by our HR team, for staff recruited by our Head Office in Dartford or by our regional offices in London, Swindon and Yorkshire   If you have any queries about how we ensure that our staff are safe to work with your clients please email


360 Services provides Event Security as well as security for most Commercial and Office Buildings.  If you would like more information about joining our team or about the range of services that we offer our clients.  Please email or call 01322 277 051.

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